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Air Conditioner Installation

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The installation of air conditioners, carried out by air conditioner service technicians, is one of the strategic practices to achieve the expected efficiency from any brand of air conditioner, ensuring high performance and energy savings after purchase. This process involves determining where the device will be mounted. The reason why installation is so crucial is that it allows the device to anticipate and determine its conditions and usage period in advance.

Avoiding unauthorized interventions is crucial because not following the standards in this process can lead to adverse situations. Procedures carried out within the framework of installation rules will preserve the capacity and efficiency of the device. Moreover, incorrect installation in the wrong place can lead to diseases due to the inability to provide comfortable airflow. Therefore, it is essential to have your air conditioners installed by an authorized service.

Air Conditioner Installation Process
As a Air Conditioner Service, we follow a professional and disciplined workflow when determining the most suitable installation location for your device. After completing the exploration of the area where the operation will take place, we create an ideal installation area and take precautions for potential issues. This ensures the advantageous utilization of living spaces.

With professional air conditioner installation:

  • You ensure that your air conditioner is in the right place.
  • You extend the life of your device.
  • You do not compromise your health.
  • You use your living spaces more efficiently.
  • You achieve high performance from your air conditioner.
  • You use your device safely.
  • You save energy.
  • You receive quality service.

With amateur air conditioner installation:

  • Your air conditioner may be placed in the wrong location.
  • You cannot use your air conditioner as it should be.
  • The lifespan of your device shortens.
  • You incur constant repair and maintenance costs.
  • The efficiency you get from your air conditioner decreases.
  • Your personal and property safety is at risk.
  • You harm your budget.
  • You cause an increase in electricity consumption.

Professional Team, Flawless Installation
Having a team of experts in air conditioner installation for years with international quality standards, Servis Home provides comfort and safety in your living spaces. Following our principles, we first consider your safety and health, then create the necessary installation conditions, and finally carry out our applications.

Servis Home Air Conditioner Installation Service is at your service 24/7 with its professional team to ensure the long life and efficient use of your device! Get to know Servis Home, which selects its team from experts in the field and offers a fast service network to all parts of Istanbul. Benefit from its flawless service approach at economical prices and convenient payment terms! You can trust our TSE certified products and services without any doubt!

Processes included in the air conditioner installation fee:

  • Mounting and fixing the indoor unit in its place.
  • Fixing the outdoor unit with standard L brackets provided by the authorized service or with rubber pads on the floor.
  • Preparation of the arrangement forming the inter-unit piping between the indoor and outdoor units.
  • Installation of copper pipe and drain line.
  • Completion of copper pipe welding by passing "nitrogen gas" through the pipe, drilling walls or obstacles where the inter-unit piping needs to pass.
  • Connection of the inter-unit piping to the units and leakage control of the inter-unit piping with nitrogen testing.
  • Use of filling material for the copper pipe passage point.
  • Vacuuming of the refrigerant circuit.
  • Delivery of the device in working condition by filling out the service form.

Processes not included in the air conditioner installation service fee:

  • Procedures to be performed on the external facade if there is no suitable ground (balcony, terrace, etc.) for fixing the outdoor units.
  • Procurement and installation of the required type and capacity V-Automatic fuses.
  • Preparation of the necessary electrical power supply line hardware for the indoor or outdoor unit with cables of the appropriate cross-section.
  • All kinds of breaking, embedding, and decorative (plaster, paint, etc.) processes for inter-unit piping.
  • Warranty and installation of the inter-unit piping cable.
  • Cost of scaffolding, crane, and similar equipment to be used in outdoor unit installation.
  • Damage costs of tiles, special flooring, or coverings that may be damaged during inter-unit piping passage.
  • Mounting transportation expenses outside municipal boundaries.


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